Salvador Bahia Brazil Guitar Lessons

11/14/2010 00:39


Salvador Bahia Brazil Guitar Lessons

Our circle includes musicians and teachers of a variety of instruments and styles played here in Brazil; we can arrange for lessons tailored to your taste and playing level.  Should you wish to record during your time here.  Just let us know. 

Bossa Nova Guitar Lessons with

Master Aderbal Duarte 


 Aderbal Duarte is a maestro, graduating with degrees in Composition and Conducting from the Federal University of Bahia. A disciple of professors Ernest Widmer and Walter Smetak, Aderbal is a student and researcher of contemporary MPB (Música Popular Brasileira and Bossa Nova), popular in the sense of perhaps American popular music in the 1930's when by popular one meant George Gershwin and Harold Arlen, quality music in other words), particularly the music of João Gilberto and Baden Powell. 






Aderbal Duarte é maestro, graduado em Composição e Regência pela Universidade Federal da Bahia. Discípulo dos professores Ernest Widmer e Walter Smetak, Aderbal é estudioso e pesquisador da MPB contemporânea, em particular, das obras de João Gilberto e Baden Powell.  Buy music here.






Information at: 55 (Brazil) 71 (Salvador) 3346-7432 or 8103-0733, or at  Facebook 


Aderbal Duarte Bossa Nova Brazilian Music