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Aderbal Duarte Guitar Player Brazilian Music Bossa Nova, Samba Culture and Jazz

2009-11-04 04:46

Aderbal Duarte, a musician, guitarrist and composer from Bahia, Brazil, is author of book "Musical Perception", the first method of solfeggio based on razilian popular music (MPB). Your CD "Toque com Bossa" is the debut album. Hits from Bossa Nova and MPB on accoustic guitar solo. This recording aptures his genius via a solo perfomance. His easily identifiable sound is intact here, as Duarte delves into nine pieces, composed by Roberto Menescal and Ronaldo B�scoli ("O Barquinho"), Caetano Veloso ("Gema"), Alcyr Pires Vermelho and David Nasser ("Canta Brasil"), Baden Powell and Billy Blanco ("Samba Triste"), Edu Lobo and Capinan ("Ponteio"), Tom Jobim and Newton Mendon�a ("Desafinado"), Baden Powel and Vin�cius de Morais ("Deixa"), Caetano Veloso ("Desde que o Samba  Samba"), Aderbal Duarte ("O Boticario").

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Aderbal Duarte Bossa Nova Brazilian Music